The Montgomery Connection SOLVED!

Ok just hear me out:

What if Vivien’s ‘demon’ son wasn’t really a boy OR according to how Madison described her family according to her Wiki Page:

Madison became famous at an early age. Because of her family’s’ small income, with no one being able to keep a steady job, her mother capitalized on her daughter’s early beauty and talent to make her a child star. Madison soon became the breadwinner. Her mother, she claims, was horrible, and at one point in her life snorted half her cocaine and then pinned the whole fault on Madison when the police showed up.

Her mother being Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange) who was the primary caretaker after Ben & Vivien’s death but the REAL mother being Nora Montgomery who caused Tate to plant the child in Vivien. We already knew Constance was a bit unstable & we saw the way she treated Adelaide, being that she was more concerned with ‘beauty’ & ‘money’ over being a mother. SO maybe he had a sex change and became this rising star: Madison Montgomery!


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AHS: Where Are They Now- Murder House Edition

The story according to: DEMENTINGLY (GO FOLLOW HIM!)

Vivian died, and Ben actually lived. he got so upset he turned to drugs, and went in pursuit of his parents • Constance became so upset over her family dying, she turned to drinking, put the anti Christ up for adoption, and went in search of guidance • Nora Montgomery turned to the church the next Halloween, and god restored her • Tate was freed after forgiving himself, and went to live alone and met Alma • the gay went out after being cheated on,turned to psychiatry, murder, and rape• the anti Christ that Constance gave up turned out to be the boy that is treated in the hospital in one of the first Asylum episodes • Mara was set free, and became an angel of darkness to try and help those in need.

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Sarah Paulson Fooled Us All!

Remember this:



WELL, according to a recent interview with Sarah Paulson reveals the TRUTH behind that tweet:

Everyone thinks that is the character of Dot and Bette in terms of the way I look — that’s just what the company came up with [to] digitally show the two heads to Ryan. They used a picture of me as Lana Winters because it was in the period. So that’s not what I’ll actually look like as Dot and Bette.

It was too good to be true.

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people-order-our-poop asked:

While I enjoyed season three it was definitely no the best. Every problem was either forgotten about due to a bigger one or fixed too easily. There was little character development compared to the other seasons. The ending was waaaay too predictable (I knew who the new supreme was from episode one). And the fact that every dead character could come back to life felt like a coppout, (not to mention the confusion when a character couldn't come back to life.


I completely agree. There also wasn’t much horror in the 3rd season. Kyle & Zoe’s storyline was very bland. We start off with this killer 1st episode of a possessed vagina, which turns into a horny love affair. The ‘Supreme’ was played out by mid-season and became sort of predictable towards the end. Unlike season 1 & 2 where we are left with these cliffhanger, not-so-happy endings, season 3 was nothing but smiles.

I mean what ever happened to that demon child in season 1?

& in season 2, Sister Jude concludes the season by saying:

If you look in the face of evil, evil will look back at you

as the screen zooms in on Lana’s face & she smiles!!!

So many unanswered questions but at least we know witch’s have a place to go!

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Rob Zombie?

So if you’ve seen Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ you should be well aware of what a Freak Show looks like.

I couldn’t help but think: Could this possibly be Ryan Murphy’s inspiration for Season 4?

I can totally picture Emma Roberts as Baby Firefly:

& Denis O’Hare as Otis:

Any thoughts or expectations for Season 4?

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